We guarantee to protect your business-critical information with our professional data erasure.

Our secure data disposal process

  • Register your hardware
  • Create an excel spreadsheet and input your hardware credentials (serial number, model, quantity) to your dedicated inventory.

  • We destroy your data on-site
  • Our trained and experienced specialists help you choose the best method for the secure destruction of your data. Wherever you’re located, choose from on-site and off-site services, including data wiping, degaussing, crushing and shredding. Our data destruction centers are fully CCTV-monitored for maximum security and accountability.

  • We repurpose reusable hardware
  • We reprocess all materials in an eco-friendly manner to maximize the re-use of all components. We use green solutions that guarantee zero landfill and zero incineration.

  • We provide confirmation & documentation
  • We send you the necessary documentation confirming that your data has been securely destroyed and your hardware has been recycled according to industry best practice.